7 Games Celebrating Halloween Today

7 Games Celebrating Halloween Today

Happy Halloween! Looking for something to do today? If you're too old to trick-or-treat, or too cool to party, there are plenty of video games celebrating the season.

Let's get right in! Here are seven games with Halloween events/features that will be sure to get you in the spooky spirit.


The Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny for its second year. Fill up your candy bag, receive masks, take on special events, and purchase new emotes. There is tons of zany fun going on in Destiny right now. Among the cool new items available is a broomstick Sparrow. SPOOKY.

Dates: Now - November 8

Rocket League 

Rocket League players are getting spoiled right now with some Halloween goods. The Bone King Topper, the Fuzzy Skull antenna, and the Netherworld Rocket Trail will all be available for players to deck out their matches. The Halloween items from 2015 will also be making a comeback. Act fast, all the items are free and available now. CREEPY. 

Dates: Now - November 4

World of Warcraft

Hallow's End returns to WoW for 2016 with new items, mounts, and quests. This year's seasonal boss is the Headless Horseman. We recommend avoiding his head as an attack area.. If you'd rather just have a nice night without the violence, you can go trick-or-treating for money or a special currency that can be used to buy seasonal items. TERRIFYING.

Dates: Now - November 1

Halo 5: Guardians 

Halo 5 isn't having a huge Halloween blowout, but 343 Industries has thrown together a little something for fans. The Infection playlist has been refreshed with a total of seventeen maps. Nine of the maps are visually overhauled variants of current Infection maps, the other eight maps are hand picked community made Forge maps. While not outright Halloween themed, the update coincides perfectly with the holiday, especially because Infection is the game's zombie mode. EERIE. 

Dates: Now - Presumably Permanent


Clearly Google is not a video game, however, the web browser is featuring a fun Halloween game on the home page. Play as a cat and use your wand to defeat five waves of ghoulish ghosts. The game can be played on a laptop, desktop, or even mobile device/tablet. Since you swipe to attack, we recommend playing on your phone or tablet. It's a cute little treat, and a wonderful surprise when you open Google. CUTE.

Dates: Now - TBD (Probably November 1)

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is celebrating Halloween with candy and ghosts galore. Right now when you play Pokémon GO, you'll get extra candy for every Pokémon that you transfer or catch. Your buddy Pokémon will also grant you extra candy, yum! There is also an increase in ghost-type Pokémon, so if you need an extra Zubat or whatever, this is your chance. GHOSTLY.

Dates: Now - October 31 (Today is the last day)


Overwatch is celebrating its first Halloween in a big way. Loot Boxes have been replaced with jack-o'-lanterns, which will unlock tons of victory poses, emotes, skins, and more. Head out on the battlefield looking good for the holiday. There is also a new mode called Brawl: Junkenstein's Revenge, where up to four-players go against AI-enemies. FRIGHTFUL.

Dates: Now - November 1

There you have it, seven games to keep you busy this Halloween. If you have no plans of going out tonight, you can stay indoors and continue to replace the void in your soul where a life should be with more video games. Escapism rules!

Happy Halloween! 

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