Best Black Friday Deals in Gaming

Best Black Friday Deals in Gaming

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Spend your day enjoying time with family and loved ones, while taking time to acknowledge the things you are thankful for. Then tonight, when you have purged yourself of all your selfishness, go out and spend copious amounts of money on things you don't need!

Here at Second Best Gaming, we want to help ensure that you get the best deals this Black Friday. Here is a roundup of some pretty notable deals in gaming this year for the big shopping season. 

Best Buy

Right off the bat, Best Buy's deal on the PS4 Slim is incredible. Get a Slim for $250 that comes with Uncharted 4, The Last of US Remastered, and Ratchet and Clank

Also, grab an Xbox One S bundle for $250! Some boxes include Minecraft, while others have Battlefield 1. Either way, this is a pretty great deal for the Xbox One S as well. 

Other deals from Best Buy include half off this year's hottest games, like Titanfall 2, Destiny - The Collection, and Mafia III. PS4 and Xbox One controllers will be available for $40 on Black Friday, a $20 savings. 


Amazon's current offerings are fairly standard, though more deals will continue to be announced throughout the week. Still, if you can't snag one from Best Buy, that PS4 deal is still pretty sweet. Otherwise, many recent games have been reduced to nearly 50 percent off.


GameStop also has the same deal on the PS4 and Xbox One. It seems like that is the standard deal this year. However, while Best Buy is offering both Ratchet and Clank and The Last of US Remastered, GameStop is only offering one of the two. 

Otherwise games are priced relatively reasonably. Some games are half off, while others may be cheaper if you look elsewhere. Notably, GameStop is selling a Guitar Hero Live bundle with two guitar controllers for $50, if you're in the market for Guitar Hero in 2016.

Additionally, GameStop is selling tons of merchandise for next to nothing. Shirts, plushes, and Call of Duty drones are ranging from $2 to $50. Seems like a nice grab, though who knows, Hot Topic could have a better deal. 


Walmart has put an interesting twist on the PS4 deal. Get a PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 bundle for $250 and receive a $50 gift card. Pretty great deal if you decide you don't want The Last of Us or Ratchet and Clank

Standard controllers are also on sale for $40, and some games are pretty cheap too. The Division is $25, Overwatch is $35, No Man's Sky is $25, and Minecraft is $13.50.

SO,.. there are some great deals going on this year. Get out there, spend some cash, save some money, and play some vidya games. 

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