Second Best E3 2016 Awards

Second Best E3 2016 Awards

Yes, E3 has been over for a week but I needed to think about it. E3 2016 was huge and tons of incredible games were shown! 

Keep in mind that I have not had the opportunity to demo any of these games. That said, the Second Best E3 awards are simply chosen based on how fun and cool a game looks.  

Each platform (PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U) will get their own game award and then the best game overall will be chosen from that list. No PC games made the list because I'm not a PC nerd. I mean, because that would not be a fair representation of what I saw at the show.


Best PS4 Game

Sony's conference was on fire! Fantastic exclusives were announced left and right. Overall it is safe to say that the new God of War game, Days Gone, Horizon, and more all look incredible, but there is just one game there that completely stole my heart, and made me (literarily) jump for joy during the announcement.  

Insomniac's PS4 exclusive Spider-Man game looks so amazing that I literally can't even.. Sorry, it just looks that good. The talent at Insomniac is just the right team for this job, and judging by the trailer (running in-game) it seems to me that they're on the right track! This game is probably a few years out but until then, I will continue to awe over this announcement.

Best Xbox One Game

Alright, as someone with a big soft spot for Xbox, it is a little hard for me to pick just one best Xbox One game. Fortunately, the game I did pick just looks so darn good that it made this decision slightly easier.

I get so giddy every time I think about the possibilities that await in the world of Sea of Thieves. This game looks so unique and charming, not to mention it is set in a cartoonish pirate world. It is like the team at Rare snuck into my head and decided to make my dream video game. Although, the gameplay that we have seen seems slim, I'm certain there is more to see and until then, I'm so anxious to find out. Sea of Thieves is a big stand-out game in a time when seemingly all video games are going for a realistic and dramatic appeal. Cannot wait to get my hands on this one.

Best Wii U Game

This one was the hardest decision to make...

I know, I know, you guys will probably get real mad that I didn't pick Paper Mario: Color Splash but how could I resist! 

Perhaps my feelings for this game could best be summed up in emojis. Smiley face, smiley face, turkey, heart. Yeah, this game looks incredible, and I mean like, industry changing incredible. To see Nintendo actually take such a big step in one of their core franchises is so refreshing. Breath of the Wild is everything and more that I could ever ask for in a Zelda game. This is the kind of game that will cause the unemployment rate to soar! I can't possibly imagine how any fan of the series could be anything less than stoked for the next entry in the Zelda series. 

Overall Game of the Show 

Well, my pick would be Disney Infinity 4.0 but sadly, that dream has been utterly crushed. 

Okay, I'll pick one from the above three games. Let me think, processing... one.. two.. GOT IT!

I mean, watch that trailer and tell me that you're not blown away. My jaw was dropped the entire time this trailer was being shown for the first time.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks like the Zelda game fans have been dreaming of and this year at E3, despite being Nintendo's only offering, it stole the show. 

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